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Having in house IT staff can be expensive and resource consuming exercise. Thus, most small and medium companies don’t employ this sort of staff, or if they do – those staff have responsibilities outside of IT.

A problem exists for these businesses where technology infrastructure requires constant attention and maintenance in order to keep it working efficiently. To call out a technician on a once off basis can be expensive, and that technician may not be able to come out at short notice.

We offer a complete IT outsourcing solution – where we handle everything from broken PC’s to broken employees using those PC’s…so you can get on with your core business functions without disruption. We offer:

  • Retainer services (guaranteed hours monthly)
  • SLA’s
  • Weekly / Monthly maintenance routines for workstations
  • Routine backups and offsite hosting for those backups
  • Routine server maintenance
  • Specialist skills that only require a few hours per month