Easy , Simple Business Systems

At RetroMod , we help your business make more money and dramatically cut costs with technology. From phone systems and custom software to computers and printers , we take care of it at a reasonable rate. Heres how we do it

How Can We Help You?

For businesses , those plastic things with electronics inside can mean success or failure in a digital world. We make it easy , simple , and techno-free for you. See how we've helped other businesses like yours

Our Customers

These businesses and organisations dont worry about who to call when their email is broken or why their server crashed.We take care of them so they can do what they're good at. Previous Customer List

Cost Reduction

We can tailor solutions to save your company money. VOIP , Virtualization , Video conferencing and outsourcing your IT functions to us instead of hiring in house staff are examples of technologies and tactics we use to lower your monthly running costs and get your organisation focused on its core competencies.


Your staff rely on the technology available to them to do their jobs. If it is not aligned well with their needs , their jobs are performed suboptimially , while your competitors streak ahead. We can consult with your employees and design optimal email , CRM , phone and other systems to get them productive and save them hundreds of hours every week - which you can turn into extra revenue.

Revenue Improvement

We can show you how to use technology to get new customers in and exiting customers coming back using search engine optimization, pay per click marketing and social media , amongst others. Many of our methods are instanst-on - allowing you to track progress , sales and ROI from the very first click.

Customer Satisfaction

We can design and deploy systems that help you manage and better serve your customers. Whether you need to reduce response time , improve support options or simply give your customers more contact channels , we can help you through custom systems , analysis and alignment of IT with your business goals.

Business Process Optimization

If your businesses's had its existing IT infrastructure and systems for a while (or worse , never had any) then you may be lagging behind competitors who react faster and better in processing orders , responding to customers and managing workflow. Through careful analysis of your processes , we can optimize them to save man hours , improve efficency and reduce costs.


Information Management

Your businesses information is critical to business continuity. If that document containing a crucial formula gets lost or if your server goes down , major financial loss can occur. A properly forumlated plan to counter data loss , corruption , theft and to ensure continuity allows peace of mind and security for future growth.